Piso-Puit OÜ

Manufacturer of furniture components

About Us

Piso-Puit OÜ is a company founded in 2000

Our main business is the production of a wide range of wooden furniture items.

These furniture items include:

  • legs
  • armchairs armrests
  • chairs carcasses
  • rocking chairs rockers

95% of our production goes to soft furniture companies.


Proper materials selection and our knowledge provide a durable product.

Wood types used for the making of our components:

  • oak wood
  • ash wood
  • birch wood
  • pine wood


Our main priorities are to provide a wide range of components to choose from and to take special requests from our customers

We focus on good client relationships and the quality of our products.



Contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Iibise, Kasaritsa village Võru municipality Võru county 65519

+372 506 0889 (EST, FIN, ENG, RUS)